Grow against Trend丨Levima Advanced Materials Won Breakthrough Award of Promoting China Influential Brands

Recently, the 2019 China Time Economic News Inventory and Promoting China Influential Brands Exhibition Ceremony hosted by China Economic Net was held in Beijing. The Promoting China Influential Brands of the year was selected from the aspects of increasing employment, benefiting people’s livelihood, increasing investment, stabilizing growth, increasing research and development, promoting innovation and other aspects. China Huaneng, China Pingan, BYD, Hisense Group, Mengniu and Suning and other 25 companies with outstanding performance and steady development won five categories of awards, namely, the Work Hard Award, the Breakthrough Award, the Crucial Attack Award, the Hand-in-Hand Award and the Voyage Award. Levima Advanced Materials Corporation won the Breakthrough Award of Promoting China Influential Brands Cai Wenquan, Senior Vice President of Levima Advanced Materials, attended the award ceremony.


Levima Advanced Materials is based on the field of advanced polymer materials and special chemicals. Through the two-wheel development mode of Innovation-driven + Operation Promotion, it has strengthened its independent innovation and collaborative innovation capability. In recent years, the Company has made continuous breakthroughs in the research and development, production and sales of advanced material products. In 2019, under the situation that the net profit of the whole petroleum and chemical industry dropped sharply in China, Levima Advanced Materials grew against the trend, making it on the list of Top 100 Private Enterprises in China Petroleum and Chemical Industry for three consecutive years. Levima Advanced Materials was also awarded the honorary titles of Green Factory, Top 100 Petroleum and Chemical Industry in Shandong Province, Top 100 Enterprises in Shandong Province and Top 10 New Chemical Materials in Shandong Province.


In the field of packaging materials in the fast moving consumer goods market, the special high-melting homopolymerized polypropylene PP material independently developed by Levima Advanced Materials is the main raw material for transparent disposable meal boxes and milk tea cups, occupying the mainstream position in the domestic market.  In the field of solar photovoltaic adhesive film materials, the successfully developed FL02528 product has broken the situation that the domestic market is highly dependent on imports. In the field of cable special materials, EVA products with high VA content have a leading market share in China. In the field of construction, independently developed viscosity-reducing and early strength water reducing agents have been successfully applied to special construction fields such as ultra-high buildings, bridges, subway segments and the like, reaching the international advanced level. In the field of road and bridge, the main products are concrete admixtures, joint sealant (material) for construction projects, grouting agent (material) for bridge construction tunnels and other series of products, which have been applied to many difficult projects such as Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Hezhang Extra Large Bridge, Qinling Zhongnanshan Highway Tunnel and the like. In the field of daily chemicals and textiles, Levima Advanced Materials has become the mainstream supplier of special nonionic surfactants in China, with excellent customized development and service capabilities. In the fields of metal processing, pesticides and coatings, Levima Advanced Materials has successfully developed products that can replace imported special polyether, green and environment-friendly pesticide emulsifier, suspending agent and water-based coating emulsifier, etc. The product quality ranks among the international advanced ranks. Among them, Levima brand PP products and EVA products were also evaluated as Shandong Famous Brand Products.


As the main enterprise in the field of advanced materials of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a member enterprise of Legend Holdings, Levima Advanced Materials has actively promoted the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the field of advanced materials and led the establishment of the Advanced Materials Technology Innovation and Industrialization Alliance of Chinese Academy of Sciences and served as the chairman unit. Through the 3+1 operation mode, i.e. Alliance + Platform + Fund and a professional achievement transformation operation team, the Alliance has built a collaborative innovation system of the Alliance has established a collaborative innovation system of Government-Industry-University-Research-Finance-Service-Consumption to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of advanced materials and achieve more new breakthroughs in industrial development.


In the future, Levima Advanced Materials will continue to make full efforts to build a leading industrial cluster in several sub-sectors of advanced materials and is committed to be an outstanding enterprise in the field of advanced materials in China.