Media Focus | Deputy Zheng Yueming: Duty Fulfillment on the Road

The third session of the 13th NPC was held in Beijing from May 22 to 28. Zheng Yueming, a deputy to the NPC and chairman of Levima Advanced Materials Corporation, attended the congress and actively made proposals for the national economy, people’s livelihood and industry development.



Proposals on NPC & CPPCC

“It is proposed to increase policy support and provide support to promote the development and application of biodegradable materials industry:

1. We should encourage enterprises as the main body to carry out synthesis, modification and recycling technology research and support the construction of industrial demonstration device. It is proposed the enterprises to be encouraged to carry out technological research and industrialization by means of special support funds, tax reducing or cancelling and the like. We should give phased subsidies to biodegradable material manufacturers, like supporting new energy vehicles, photovoltaic and other emerging industries.

2. It is proposed to strengthen the promotion and application of disposable plastic shopping bags and disposable plastic packaging, and impose additional consumption tax on consumers who use non-degradable plastic.

3.Given the high investment intensity of biodegradable materials, it is proposed to increase the financing support in the capital market and support industry leader to list on the STAR Market.”



On New Infrastructure

 “New infrastructure, in the short term, can stimulate investment and promote consumption; In the long term, it can improve productivity, increase supply and give new momentum to high-quality development.

New infrastructure and new material industries promote each other. On the one hand, new materials are the foundation of high-end manufacturing. It provides support for new infrastructure, such as chips, high-speed optical fibers, smart transportation, smart energy facilities and other fields, to further stimulate the new materials industry of China to accelerate upgrading. On the other hand, new infrastructure also brings new materials and such process manufacturing industries the opportunity for digital transformation. It can realize interconnection among people, devices, products, industrial chains and data, and greatly improve the efficiency of safe production, process control, craft optimization, supply chain management, etc..”


On Innovation

 “In order to get through the upstream and downstream industrial chains, form the value chain and build an ecological system with win-win innovation, it is not enough to rely on the strength of enterprises alone. It also requires the state to issue policies to encourage joint research and development and application of core technologies and provide strong support.

We should encourage competent enterprises to participate in all kinds of national basic research programs. In view of the crucial problem, competent enterprises should take the lead in establishing a national technology innovation center, and the state should give enterprises financial and human resources support. We should explore policies to encourage enterprises to increase investment in basic research, further increase the proportion of income tax plus deduction for basic research expenditures of enterprises, and implement a consumer value-added tax system and input tax deduction for large-scale and high-end research equipment input of enterprises.”


On the Development of Private Enterprises

 “It is proposed to speed up the implementation of the proposal to markedly increase medium- and long-term loans to manufacturers and to solve the problem of repaying the debts owed by the government to private enterprises within a time limit.

There are hundreds of millions of enterprise entities in China called market entities, but only over 3,000 listed companies. However, most market entities still rely on the current loans of bank to maintain the operation of enterprises. Increasing the proportion of medium- and long-term loans plays an important role in improving the investment confidence of enterprises, increasing the liquidity of enterprises and maintaining the vitality of the market.”



On streamline the government, delegate power, and improve government services

 “For enterprises, the government must put in place to streamline the government, delegate power, and improve government services, especially for the advanced materials industry. For fair competition, market-oriented and legal business environment must be resolutely liberalized. Innovative means and innovative thinking should be used to support innovation. It is proposed to simplify the approval process and procedures for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in new chemical materials.”



On tax cut and fee reduction

 “As enterprises, we pay special attention to tax cut and fee reduction. It’s glad to see that the Report on the Work of the Government for this year estimates that more than 2.5 trillion yuan will be released from the burden of enterprises. This figure is quite large. In addition, the Report also proposes to lower the VAT rate and extend various preferential tax policies implemented since the epidemic, further releasing the burden on enterprises. As Premier Li Keqiang said, let enterprises sustain themselves and assure success for the future.”


On the Supervision of NPC

 “In examining the implementation of the water pollution prevention and control law, the Standing Committee of NPC has carried out some new explorations, such as the innovative introduction of a third-party professional organization and the entrustment of the Chinese Academy of Engineering to carry out an evaluation study on the implementation of the law, so as to evaluate the implementation of the law in a data-based and accurate way from an objective and neutral perspective. This has further improved the scientificity, authority and effectiveness of the supervision work NPC.

In order to better carry out the supervision NPC, it is proposed to further strengthen the use of information technology. During the epidemic prevention and control period, the Live Stream Economy and Cloud Office are convenient and efficient. The NPC supervision can also make full use of new media methods to carry out more innovative forms of special conferences and research, and further broaden the supervision channels.”